Public Consultation of Applicants

Food Justice Certified entities are accountable to their buyers, producers, employees, and to their communities as well. To ensure accountability to the farm or business’ community, we have established a process for public consultation.

On this page you will see a list of current applicants for Food Justice Certification. These names will be updated monthly, as new applications come in to our participating certifiers. Applicants will remain in the public consultation process for at least 30 days. Beneath each entity name is the contact information for their certifier. Members of the public are encouraged to contact the certifier with concerns or comments about the applicant.

Certifiers will consider your comments, and determine if additional questions or steps in the inspection of the applicant are required. Members of the public who provide comments may not hear back from certifiers regarding the details of how their comment was processed, because this may involve confidential information. AJP will collect public comments and ensure they were given due consideration in our oversight of approved certifiers.

More coming soon!