The Roots Show Us How We Got Here, Post #43

"...So, when we think about this history of farming and a labor force in the U.S., it was built off of injustice, labor right violations, and wage theft, and a demand of human labor in a way that supported inhumane capitalism over the well-being of bodies of color—all for the sake of accumulating the highest amount of capital gains to increase white wealth. Today, we see much of the same dynamics. Unfortunately, because of land that was stolen from Indigenous people, and the rescinding of land promises to newly freed slaves, we see the majority of land that is used to farm is still white-owned, with many workers of color still working the land for low wages, and little recognition for their wellbeing as humans.” - Marlysa D. Gamblin, MPP, Domestic Policy Advisor, Specific Populations, Bread for the World Institute, Washington DC


10 de Enero de 2020 a las 13:00


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