Farmers Need Justice Too to Provide Living Wages and More for Farmworkers; Use your Food Dollar to Support Food Justice Certified Retailers. Post #27

For all these farms and initiative to make they need buyers that pay fair pricing and have fair terms with the farmers they buy from and prioritize local, fair and organic management practices. Just like GreenStar Natural Foods Market who is the first ever Food Justice Certified retailer. This means they meet the Agricultural Justice Project standards for their own employment practices AND the trade practices with farms. For Brandon Kane, general manager of the GreenStar Food Co-op in Ithaca, New York (currently in the process of recertifying), “AJP was a natural extension of expressing our values—marketable proof that we are living up to our self-imposed expectations around a living wage [for our 225 employees] and supporting [over three dozen] farmers.” (from Civil Eats article) @greenstar_coop #HungryForJustice #WhoseVoiceIsMissing


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