Whose Voice is Missing Stakeholders

Linda Lee, Former Lake Apopka Farmworker, Farmworker Association of Florida Member and Farmworker Advocate

Paola, Agroecology Co-Coordinator, Farmworker Association of Florida

Candice Clark, Former Fast Food Worker

Nick Todd, Owner/Operator, Tumble Farm

Maureen Murtha,Owner/Operator, Tumble Farm

Jesus Morales, Agricultural Worker and Medicinal Herbalist

Tiffany Kelly, Daughter of a Former Farmworker, Former Resident of and Advocate for East Winter Garden and Advocate for Anti-poverty Initiatives

Jordan Brown, Farmer, The Family Garden Organic & Food Justice Certified Farm

Sebrenia Brown, Former Farmworker, Resident of East Winter Garden

Frank Bailey, Executive Director and Founder, Grow Orlando

Marty Mesh, Former Organic Farmer & Organic Policy Advocate, Co-Founder of the Agricultural Justice Project

Nelson Carrasquillo, Farmworker Advocate, Retired General Coordinator of CATA, Co-Founder of the Agricultural Justice Project

Melissa DeSa, Seed Saver Advocate, Working Food's Southern Heritage Seed Collective

Elizabeth Henderson, Organic Farmer, Co-Founder and Board Member of the Agricultural Justice Project

Carolyn Charles, Former Apprentice of Small Scale Sustainable Farming, Current Farmworker