Spotlight on the South project

In 2014 we collaborated with Little Bean Productions to document the journey of The Family Garden applying for and receiving their Food Justice Certification. They became the first farm in the South to be certified, setting an example as a pioneer for a socially just food system that is good for the people and the planet. Watch that account here Hungry for Justice: Spotlight on the South. Or here for the Spanish subtitled version and we answered stakeholder's call for oral Spanish here in the Spanish voice over version.

We are BACK on the road again with part 2: Hungry for Justice: Whose Voice is Missing? visiting the people who work every day to bring food to all our tables. we are interviewing people who shoulder a disproportionately high share of the burden of the negative impacts of our current food system and a disproportionately low share of the benefits. Turns out, that is a lot of people and even more who experience the daily reality of disparities in food access, all of them stakeholders that drive our program work and should drive decision making in transforming our food system. Follow our journey here.