FJC Standards Revisions

The most recent revisions to the Food Justice Certified Standards have now been published as the 2019 version! Thank you to all the farmworkers and their advocates, farmers and their advocates, food system workers and their advocates, other ethically-minded food businesses, researchers, attorneys, and eaters for actively participating in the standards revisions by sending comments and to the members of the Standard Committee, Advisory Council and Board of Directors in working collaboratively, across sectors to come to agreement via consensus on what the definition of high-bar fair labor and trade practices are from field to table. See the full list of participants here.

AJP has a standard practice of revising our stakeholder-developed standards document every five years. The process is based on ISEAL’s best practices for standards revisions.

A Standards Committee is convened formally every 5 years for the FJC standards revision process. Committee members are invited to participate based on expertise or experience in a particular area of the food system the AJP standards cover. Members may be called upon on occasion in between 5-year revisions to address urgent standards revision issues. The Advisory Council and the Board are also active in the standards revision process.

Documentation of the most recent revisions process and comments:

2012 AJP Social Stewardship Standards - English

2012 Estándares de AJP para una Gestión Social Responsable - Español

2019 AJP Social Stewardship Standards - English

1st Open Comment Period - October 9, 2015 – January 20, 2016

Draft Full AJP Standards for Public Comment October 2015
Download as a MS Word document

Master List of Revisions October 2015
Download as a MS Word document

2nd Public Comment Period (English) - February 28 - May 30, 2017

Master List of Revisions February 2017 (English)
Download as a MS Word document

Official Response to Comments February 2017 (English)
Download as a MS Word document
* Please reference the full draft Standards published October 2015 for the English version.

2nd Public Comment Period (Spanish) - April 18, 2017 - July 17, 2017

Revisiones a los estándares del PJA Lista Maestra de los cambios para el borrador de la Mesa Directiva del PJA 7 de octubre de 2015
MS Word document

Revisiones de estándares de CJC Lista Maestra de cambios de Octubre de 2015 a Febrero de 2017
MS Word document

Respuesta oficial a los comentarios Seguimiento a la propuesta de revisiones a los estándares del CJC en 2015
MS Word document