“Whose Voice is Missing?”: Applying the Question in Your Daily Life from Children’s Books to Jury Duty and Beyond! Post #34

Farmer Direct Co-op on 3rd Party Verification from Agricultural Justice Project on Vimeo.

Asking yourself the question: Whose Voice is Missing? is a tool you can use anywhere, at anytime in any context to start to dismantle the root causes of injustice. Once you start applying this question, using it will be easier and easier and pretty soon you will notice all kinds of places that there are voices and perspectives and realities missing that should be present and considered. This questions of WVIM? was the foundation for AJP's fair labor and trade standards. It is why AJP is stakeholder driven, meaning farmworkers and farmers and other food system workers decide together what the fair and just standards should be for the Food Justice Certified label. Applying this WVIM? question is why FJC is full chain, covering workers on farms, farmers, and other food chain workers all the way to retail.


Jan. 2, 2020, 9 a.m.


Whose Voice is Missing Project Team