We Had to Work, Post #47

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In addition to all the other negative impacts to health, wealth, and quality of life indicators, research demonstrates that when children participate in after school enrichment activities they have all kinds of better outcomes. The children who were unable to participate in these activities because they had to work to contribute to household incomes in order to be able to afford food for their families (and feed our nation), did not have the same chance at success in school, in social settings, and in employment. They had to work harder for what they have achieved...and achieve they have. But we need a food system (and society) where we all have the same chance at success. "Extracurricular activity participation is linked to positive development, but it is also a setting for inequality...Participation is linked to better academic outcomes and less substance use, affirming the importance of redressing the inequalities revealed." (Meier, Hartmann, and Larson, 2018: "A Quarter Century of Participation in School-based Extra Curricular Activities: Inequalities by Race, Class, Gender, and Age," Journal of Youth and Adolescence, June 2018, Vol 47, Issue 6, p. 1299-1316) "There is significant research which shows that participation in after-school programs is positively associated with better school attendance, more positive attitude towards school work, higher aspirations for college, finer work habits, better interpersonal skills, reduced drop out rates, higher quality homework completion, less time spent in unhealthy behaviors, and improved grades (Clark 1988; Hamilton and Klien 1998; Huang, Bribbons, Kim, Lee and Baker, 2000; McLaughlin 2000; Posner and Vandell, 1994, 1999; Schinke, 1999; US Department of Education 1998)." (cited in Vandell et al, 2007; "Outcomes Linked to High Quality After-School Programs: Longitudinal Findings from the Study of Promising After School Programs).


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