'Tis the Season of Donations....Seek to Support Long Term Solutions to Disparities. Post #35

A example of how we can apply this question: Whose Voice is Missing? when we want to help others. It is the holiday time and we are all ramping up our canned food donations. At this time of the year our desire to help others comes to the forefront. Consider the words of WVIM? project stakeholder Tiffany Kelly and of Antony Strother Larry who both worked in East Winter Garden, an area near Orlando that we visited for this project and that experiences extreme disparities in food availability, income, and access to resources. It is often labeled a food desert, more accurately...an area of food apartheid. A better way to help would be to ask those in need and the programs that work directly with them what they want and need and how best to get what they need to them, before you design a project that you think will help.


Jan. 2, 2020, 10 a.m.


Whose Voice is Missing Project Team