Taking Back Our Power. Post #21

Farmer Direct Co-op on 3rd Party Verification from Agricultural Justice Project on Vimeo.

When we chose to buy food grown with the farmwokrers, family farmers and residents of areas of food apartheid (as Ms. Karen Washington has renamed food deserts) that treat those tending the crops and the planet well, it also addresses the power imbalance in the system. It is going to also take consumers choosing to support these efforts, like Grow Orlando, instead of large food companies to shift that power imbalance.

Grow Orlando is changing the culture by teaching life, work, and financial literacy skills through plant cultivation by providing jobs in urban farming to disadvantaged youth.

The stakeholders who are disadvantaged by how our system operates are already doing a lot of work to change things and make these choices possible, we as consumer just have to make the right choices and shift our dollars away from the mega food and agricultural companies. Take back your power. Redistribute the power.





May 30, 2019, 8:30 a.m.


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