Let's Get the Blinders Off, Post #48

"My mom's people were citrus grove owners and supervised citrus packing houses, they were quite well-off and so I grew up in that kind of atmosphere and there were a lot of things I was not aware of. I had a pretty good life. We lived in Clermont. I would walk for miles and miles and miles in the orange groves and of course there were people picking the orange groves, there were workers and there were all kinds of things going on, but I didn't see any of that...It's amazing how we can have blinders on...that when we benefit from something we don't see the suffering of other people...I would have never thought of myself as a racist, but in the last number of years I have been trying to become more aware. I have been trying to see life from another person's viewpoint....let’s get the blinders off; let’s see what is really going on...." Bob Walker, descendant of a Florida citrus grower family, currently working with Empower School and Farm, talking at the Tampa Bay Summit to End Hunger.


Jan. 17, 2020, noon


Whose Voice is Missing Project Team