Groundswell of the Grassroots. Post #31

A groundswell of communities that are most negatively affected by how our food system operates make visible changes for themselves. Despite all the obstacles, those communities are already doing so much. Ms. Linda Lee's community uses agroecology. So do many other grassroots communities. This is a better way to produce food and nourish people. "The Farmworker Association of Florida has adopted the philosophy and practice of agroecology, which is agriculture that is organic, but it is not just organic. You can do organic in big corporate agriculture; agroecology goes deeper than that, it is a resistance and a way to fight back against big corporate agriculture and it is a way to give power back to people. It builds community and shares ancestral practices. For example, we learn how to use herbs for medicinal and culinary purposes. It is shared technology, but it also brings in food sovereignty. People talk about food security…but food security isn’t enough, people need to have some control over their own food system. They need to have access to land, they need to feel empowered. Food banks are essential, but just giving people food doesn’t give them a sense of ownership of the land, their culture, their identity and of their community. Through our agroecology program and through those of other groups all over the country practicing agroecogloy, we are sharing our knowledge and building this movement at the grassroots level, so people can grow their own food in their own way for their own communities and have empowerment and self-determination." - Jeannie Economos, Farmworker Association of Florida


June 13, 2019, 11 a.m.


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