Food Desparity = Food System Worker Communities? Change Coming from Within, Post #44

Farmer Direct Co-op on 3rd Party Verification from Agricultural Justice Project on Vimeo.

East Winter Garden is one of the communities we visited and connected with for this WVIM? project. There is overlap between food system workers and areas of food disparity. We heard from Frank Bailey and other stakeholders from other areas of food disparities and food insecurity (like former Lake Apopka farmworker Ms. Linda Lee) about how they used to have more control and vibrancy in their communities before the industrialization and corporatization of the food and agriculture industry and changes in policies that resulted in them having less control. Follow @GrowOrlando to see what Frank and his team are doing to work to fix this in East Winter Garden. Follow the rest of our WVIM? project posts to see how these conditions are systemic and related to other injustices in the food system for farmworkers, for farmers, for processing workers, for fast food workers and for eaters.


Jan. 14, 2020, 10 a.m.


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