Dismantling Cultural Divisiveness for Justice. Post #39

Systemic racism (racist laws and policies) is inherent in the food system. In fact, our dominant, industrial food system relies upon racists policies and a culture of divisiveness to function. It creates disconnection between groups of people. It means when black and brown people are targeted with unfair laws, policies, and practices, those who are not targeted or affected by this don't feel compelled to change it. This allows for exploitation and inhumane conditions for many communities and groups. Reaching across lines of division to work on healing the harms that stem from this system is one important part of the strategies to change it. Applying the question: 'Whose Voice is Missing?' can help you do that. Many grassroots organizations and food and farming groups across the country are working on dismantling systemic racism in the food system. @PieRanch and @SoulFireFarm are farms doing this work that are also Food Justice Certified to the Agricultural Justice Project standards.


Jan. 6, 2020, 10 a.m.


Whose Voice is Missing Project Team