Community Leader Ms. Sebrenia Brown, #46

Farmer Direct Co-op on 3rd Party Verification from Agricultural Justice Project on Vimeo.

As is so often the case in communities that systematically experience more of the burdens of society and fewer of the benefits, they are left to fill in the gaps in their own communities without the institutional safety nets other communities enjoy. When we visited the East Winter Garden community center to interview stakeholders about their experiences in the food system and their work and ideas on how to make it more fair, we were directed to talk with Ms. Sebrenia Brown. We also discovered that one of the many artistic tributes to community leaders that had been done by the children of the community was of Sebrenia Brown herself. We couldn't help sitting her in front of it for her interview. Beautiful and touching.


Jan. 15, 2020, noon


Whose Voice is Missing Project Team